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In honor of International Babywearing Week next week, we decided to go on the road with all three of our little ones and explore the world using a Solly Baby Wrap. Our little girl, Frances, is just passing the optimal time to use a wrap (0-6 months) so we wanted to get as much use out of it as possible before and, to be honest, we’ve had such a crazy year that we just needed to take a break as a family.

We’ll be sharing babywearing and traveling tips with you as we make our way across Europe with a 5, 3, & 6 month old and we’ll have some mega-amazing giveaways along the way.


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October 8th 2014

I love your cardigan!! Where is it from, if I may ask:) Thanks!

October 9th 2014

Thank you! It’s from Urban Outfitters.

October 30th 2014

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January 4th 2015

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