What an amazing week! We launched the new Solly Baby Spring/Summer 2016 line earlier this week and have been running like crazy to keep up ever since. As a little treat for our followers we decided to jazz up the traditional launch giveaway by highlighting the styling that goes into the looks for each model. Every day on Instagram, we’ve been featuring a look and giving you an opportunity to “Win the Wardrobe” by following the listed brands and commenting. Today we’re giving you an extra chance to win each look by pinning your favorite style.

If you missed a look this week on instagram, they’re all listed under #SollyStyle so you can go back and comment on each one if you love them all.

Winners will be announced Monday morning.

Happy pinning!





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March 11th 2016

Oof! Love them all but this latest one with the solly dolly is my favorite. I think my little ones would adore it! Loving the new colors!

March 11th 2016

I would love to win the last look–so cute! pinned here: http://pin.it/W32wd3e

March 11th 2016

Just pinned my 3 favorites!! I REAALLLY hope I win. I have 1 Solly baby wrap, I’ve purchased one for a friend and referred all of my pregnant friends. It was a LIFESAVER. I love your collaborations and the effort you put into your amazing business. You should be so proud of how amazing your company is.

March 11th 2016

Love all of them and pinned my favorites!

March 11th 2016

Love the blue!

March 11th 2016

Love them all! Pinned! User name Bkar52!

March 11th 2016

Oh, all of these look so great! Easy but put together 🙂 I’ve got a little one arriving in a few weeks, and I can’t wait to try out the wrap I got to use with her. I pinned my faves; thanks for the chance!

March 11th 2016


March 11th 2016

Love love love all of these looks but especially the last one 😊
Such a well thought out contest. Cozy and beauty for mommy and things for baby. Nicely balanced since I know as a new Mamma of three I don’t always think of myself 😂

March 11th 2016

Pinned two of my favorites! I’m pregnant with my third and have never had any sort of baby carrier/wrap and plan on getting one with this last one. It seems like it will be a lifesaver! Love the gorgeous Baltic color from the SS16 line.

March 11th 2016

pinned my two favorites! thanks for the awesome giveaway and all you do for the mommas. 🙂

March 11th 2016

Just pinned my two favorite looks…they are beautiful! Love my solly wraps.

March 11th 2016

Keep up the good work Solly Baby! I recommend your wraps to anyone who asks. A poem to express how I feel about your wraps:

Solly Baby wrap so cozy
For my babe so fair,
Snuggled close up to my heart
So I can kiss her hair.

How wonderful to have this garment
To help us every day.
We can’t imagine life without it;
We see no other way.

If only we could have two more
To keep them spit-up free,
We’d laugh and sing and do a dance
In Solly Baby glee.

March 12th 2016

Love them all but the last is my favorite!

March 12th 2016
March 12th 2016

Such an awesome giveaway! Lbartula on Pinterest.

March 12th 2016

That yellow though! Pinned @kristinkempon : http://pin.it/4Dr_Dkb

18. Bek
March 12th 2016

I love ALL these looks, but that Madewell dress & Bryr clogs! Divine! And I think I read that that mama is only 10 days postpartum?? Oh man, my hero! Pinned here http://pin.it/TlE8F97
Thanks for the opportunity!!

March 12th 2016

Love these looks!! Yoga mom looks like me!!! Not that I do yoga! Lol

March 12th 2016

https://www.pinterest.com/pin/50243352070708904/ Forgot my pin!!!! Thanks for the chance!!

April 12th 2016

I Like This Solly Baby Wrap

November 12th 2016

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I have a solly baby wrap in my wardrobe, but it simply does not go with anything that I have bought for me. My wardrobe is filled with colorful pieces of clothing, but none match this style. Any help?