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After two and a half weeks traveling from California to London to the Cotswolds and to Paris with only a wrap, here are a few of my favorite tips:


+Put it on and keep it on all day for a quick in and out. Fall/Winter is a great time of year to style your wrap since a sweater or coat over easily conceals it when not being used.

+To avoid letting the ends touch the ground, put the wrap on facing a seat or a table and as you pull the ends through, let them rest on the seat or table.

+Mamas, wear a drape style kimono sweater and it will workperfectly as a nursing cover and blanket. (Avoid coats with zippers that could scratch your babe’s face.)

+Travel with a darker shade to keep it looking clean and to filter light for a sleeping babe. Black, Castlerock, and Navy Shibori are ideal!

+Breastfeeding mamas: wear a button up shirt! Makes it so much easier to nurse on the go.

+Keep some smaller toys (nothing small enough to be a choking hazard) in your diaper bag to play with for older babies in the wrap. Better yet, keep it handy by having a simple teething bracelet on that you can easily remove for play time.

+If your baby has reflux or a runny nose, use the end pocket for a burp cloth or put a tissue in the hidden pocket for easy access.

+Don’t forget to fan those shoulder straps out! When wearing for an extended time, it makes it so much more comfortable to distribute the weight by spreading the shoulder straps out wider.

+Trade in your shoulder strap diaper bag for a diaper backpack. So much easier while babywearing! Love all of these options below, especially no. 2 as it has all the compartments you need: 1, 2, 3



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October 9th 2014

The backpack tip is such a helpful one. I used the wrap and carried a normal diaper bag and it was such a hassle. Definitely getting the backpack style kind now, I know it’ll be 10x easier! Thx for the tip! 🙂

October 20th 2014

I have the Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper bag and I love it! I love that it can be a messenger bag or backpack style.

October 23rd 2014

Oh these are good! Looks like I’ll need to order a darker colored wrap! Also… the table trick is smart. Not sure why I didn’t think of that?! Thank you!
PS. I’ve enjoyed traveling the world with your sweet family via Instagram! It looks like a trip of a lifetime!

July 12th 2019

what kind of pacifier is that? it’s super cute compared to the kid styled ones