I’m excited to share with you three amazing facts about babywearing that have been so essential to helping my babies (and myself) heal, bond and adjust to the wild fourth trimester.

1) Wearing your baby tummy-to-tummy helps promote healthy digestion! (If you’ve had a baby with tummy issues, you know what a big deal this is.)

2) A mama’s body temperature will help regulate her baby’s body temperature- your body will actually heat or cool to the temperature your baby needs!

3) Skin-to-skin contact releases feel-good oxytocin for reduced stress, increased feelings of love, and the desire for connection in you and your baby. It’s the sweetest start to life.

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August 21st 2018

My daughter-in-law is a big fan of baby-wearing. We didn’t have it back in my day, well, not like today’s products and your gorgeous Solly Baby wraps.

June 5th 2019

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