The holiday might look a little different this year, but that doesn’t mean that baby’s first Halloween should pass without a photo-op! To create maximum cuteness with minimal effort, we’ve curated four simple Sollyween costumes with pieces you can wear long after the candy is gone. You’ll just need an heirloom bonnet from our friends at Briar, our signature-soft Solly Wrap, and the coziest Sleeper in town. Let’s get started!


(Looking to get your craft on with a DIY Halloween costume? Consider one of these 10 clever costumes for mom and baby. And here are 8 more sweet costume ideas, including some just for baby. Plus, 5 ultra-creative costumes ideas—no seriously, they’re next level. And lastly, we’ll be sharing all sorts of fun inspiration here all month long. 

Showcase your fierce love for your babe this Sollyween. For a purrfect mama-and-me look, outfit your cub in a Cheetah Bonnet + Camel Sleeper, and wrap them in our Black Wrap. Then, make yourself up with a chic cat-eye + simple black ensemble. You’ll be feeling f[el]ine in no time!

What you’ll need for Cheetah:

+ Cheetah Briar Bonnet

+ Black Wrap

+ Camel Sleeper

Keep the one you hold deer close this Sollyween and beyond with an endearing Fawn Bonnet + our silky-soft Flax Sleeper. Your tiny fawn will be content and cozy for hours as they nestle in close to their doe-eyed mama. 

What You’ll Need for Fawn: 

+ Fawn Briar Bonnet

+ Oat Dot Wrap

+ Flax Sleeper

All dogs feel like they’re in heaven when wrapped in the Solly! For a fetching get-up, outfit your babe in a Puppy Bonnet and Acorn Sleeper, then wrap them in our Thimble Wrap for a Sollyween costume that’ll make them wish they could sit and stay forever. (For a fun twist, don cat ears on your head, et voila! Cats and dogs!)

What You’ll Need for Puppy:

+ Puppy Briar Bonnet

+ Thimble Wrap

+ Acorn Sleeper

This unbearably cute costume takes barely any effort at all! Dress baby in a Honey Bear Bonnet and Acorn Sleeper, then snuggle your cub in a bear hug with our fan-favorite Bramble Wrap. Cozy costume ever! 

What You’ll Need for Honey Bear:

+ Honey Bear Briar Bonnet

+ Bramble Wrap

+ Acorn Sleeper

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