Summer Is Here

June 20, 2016

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When the big kids are home from school, the sun is shining through the curtains, and a happy breeze blows by, it only seems right to spend the day out and about. Of course, with big and little kids in tow, getting out can be a chaotic affair (ahem, where did that other shoe go and please put your clothes back on!). But after finally making it out that front door, nothing feels better than that first fresh breath of summer air. We’re dreaming of outdoor cafes, the cutest streets on the block, and days spent enjoying an easy pace and break from the norm with our babies. Summer is here!

Krystal is wearing Succulent from our SS16 Collection. Elly and Maxine are wearing our Solly Dolly Wrap in Charcoal Swiss Dot and Pink Swiss Dot.

Photography: Jackie Wonders, Location: French Corner


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June 23rd 2016

Omg how adorable are the pictures!!! Quick question though, won’t baby feel very warm in the solly wrap during summer time?

May 30th 2017

Good morning, my name is Carlos Hernandez and my wife Ashley have three small boys: Ronin (3), Declan (1), and baby Callan is 3 months. Im an active duty Marine so my wife is often alone with all three boys so having a means tonhold on to all three is a must. After trying difderent products with my oldest son (God bless him for the torture we put him through), my wife fell in love with your wraps. We have since had 3 wraps, ome lost to my sons’s creativity (we’ll justnleave it at that) and the latest one was damaged in transit from a visit with my in-laws. These wraps are invaluable to her and so when it came time reolacevit she looked for a colir to match but no luck. She would like to replace it with the succulent color wrap since the green is not only a pretty color but can also compliment me when I’m in uniform and we are out and about on base and such (I too am an accessory it would seem). In any case, your help would be most appreciated since she doesn’t know I’m writing you guys and I will do whatever it takes to find this for her. My wife is amazing and she is doing a marvelous job in raising three fine gentlemen. Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.
Semper Fidelis,
Carlos J. Hernandez
GySgt / USMC