I am constantly on the hunt to find fresh colors and prints that you’ll feel excited to wear, and not just because of the sweet little one that will be inside of it. There’s no reason babywearing shouldn’t be as fun as it is functional! As much as I love the style component of our product, versatility is always a top priority. Just like mothers have to wear multiple hats every day, ready for just about anything, your wrap should be too. Every shade and print can be worn around the house, around town, and for a night out on the town. We go through literally hundreds of shades every season until every single one passes that criteria.

This season I was inspired by natural elements that have just enough color to feel fun but are muted enough to encourage calm, inside and out. Baltic, one of my favorites because the shade is so perfectly neutral and chic, reading like a chambray or a denim, was inspired by our trip to Stockholm. We arrived at our little Scandinavian cabin on an archipelago surrounded by the Baltic Sea, serene and a deep blue, halfway through our six week adventure. Walking across the street to the still and peaceful sea was exactly what we all needed to recenter. Every time I see this shade of blue it brings me back to skipping stones on the water as my youngest slept soundly in the wrap.

I can’t wait to share more of the colors with you this season and the inspiration behind each color.

We’ll be launching all the colors on Wednesday, March 8 at 9pm PT!

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March 2nd 2016

Oh that blue is just dreamy! Gorgeous color choice.

March 2nd 2016

This color is totally me all wrapped up in a Solly. This might be the color I’ve been waiting for ☺️

March 2nd 2016

I love your blue one ! It’s so fresh and alive!!! My daughter is having a Baby Girl in a couple of weeks and put your Gray and white stripe on her want list !! My other Daughter is having Baby boy in July and would love the blue one !! We love your Sollybaby!

March 6th 2016

Can’t wait to purchase a spring/summer wrap!!

March 11th 2016

I tried posting this under the giveaway post on Instagram, but it wouldn’t let me. So I’ll try it here instead. Keep up the good work Solly Baby! I recommend your wraps to anyone who asks. Here is a poem to express how I feel about Solly Baby:

Solly Baby wrap so cozy
For my babe so fair,
Snuggled close up to my heart
So I can kiss her hair.

How wonderful to have this garment
To help us every day.
We can’t imagine life without it;
We see no other way.

If only we could have two more
To keep them spit-up free,
We’d laugh and sing and do a dance
In Solly Baby glee.

March 15th 2016

all look nice.

April 5th 2016

I wish my blatic blue looked more like the photo. Mine was quite a bit darker, reading like a medium slate/grey blue instead of denim/chambray.

April 12th 2016

The shade is so perfectly neutral and chic.