Friends, the Sollyween season is here, and it’s no secret that it’s our all-time favorite!!

This year all of our Sollyween dreams came true when we made Anne Geddes-inspired costumes with our loveliest Solly Baby products. If you’re searching for the most adorable (& simple!) costume, look no further, mama!

Below is a round-up of eight (yes, EIGHT) costumes you can easily make by using some of your fave Solly items. You guys, there is a baby gnome costume — need we say more?

To make life super simple, we’ve included a list of all the materials you’ll need for each outfit along with an inspiration photo of how we did it ourselves. We cannot wait to see you bring these costumes to life!

P.S. Don’t forget to enter our Sollyween Costume Contest for a chance to win $3,000 worth of cash prizes! Find the deets on our Instagram!

1// Baby Snail + Tree

This might be my favorite costume this year! I was inspired by an old Anne Geddes baby snail photo (did anyone else have this shot on their planner in 6th grade?) and the basic outline of Oh Happy Day’s children’s snail costume


Antennas: Simply glue the pom poms to the pipe cleaners and stick through knit bonnet or around headband to stabilize the pipe cleaners. 

Snail shell: Roll the kraft paper somewhat tightly and then twist as you create a tightly wound circle, glueing it in a few spots as you roll. Make two. To attach to wrap, wait until after your baby is in the wrap to attach 3-4 velcro dots to the wrap and to kraft paper, making sure the dots match up when attached. (These should remove easily from wrap after you’re done with the costume.)

Tree costume: Wear all brown clothing and a long sleeve shirt to give the appearance of a tree trunk. Slip branches with leaves on them in the end of the sleeves and in the X on the back of the wrap. 

2// Pumpkin Babies 

Terra Cotta Sleeper
Camel Sleeper
Honey Sleeper
Coordinating hats

03// Flower Child + Mama 

This costume is as simple as it is beautiful. The petal headband AND the floral crown can be made in under 15 minutes! 

Materials Needed: 

  • 6-8 real (or artificial) sunflowers for flower crown
  • Floral wire
  • Twine
  • Wire cutters
  • 2-3 large artificial sunflowers for baby headband
  • Headband or cream piece of felt 
  • 6-8” of elastic 
  • Glue gun
  • Blue Teal Solly wrap (to resemble flower stalk) 
  • Blue Teal Sleeper 

Floral Crown: Cut flowers down to bud, leaving about 3 inches of the stalk. After wrapping the floral tape around base of flower several times, add another flower tightly wrapping the base of it as well, connecting the two. Continue to do this while shaping wire and flowers in slight circular pattern. You can create a full circle crown or stop after making a half circle and tie twine to each end to tie on. 

Petal Headband: Heat glue gun. Cut 6-8” inch strip of felt about 2” in width. Cut base of artificial sunflowers to release the petal disk. Cut petals down to 2-3 petal strips, gluing base of petals onto the top half of felt strip, making a line of petals face the same way. After filling the strip, glue the bottom half of the felt strip up to close, leaving a half inch on each end unglued for the elastic. Glue in one end of the elastic, size on your baby’s head, cut to the proper size and glue the other end in. 

You can dress this look up with a Bohemian style dress or keep it simple with denim and a cream sweater. 

04// Gnomes

Yet again, inspired by a 90s Anne Geddes classic photo, I had to make a Solly version of these baby gnomes. Ridiculously adorable but so basic it hardly needs a tutorial. My mom helped make these little felt hats and took less than 10 minutes per hat. If you have triplets or two friends with babies the same age as yours, do the world a favor and recreate this shot. 

Materials Needed: 

  • Large sheet of red felt (for one hat) from any craft store 
  • Needle
  • Thread 
  • Scissors 
  • Paper to create pattern 
  • Solly Sleep Gowns (pictured are Natural + Grey Stripe, Sky, and Taupe)

Gnome Hat: Using the piece of paper to make the pattern, create cone with paper and size on baby’s head to measure length of the base of the hat. Using the paper as the guide, cut out hat in felt. Thread your needle and using a running stitch, stitch up back of hat to a point and knot, clipping ends. 

05// Swaddled Bear

I love this Sollyween look for those newborns to little to wear a costume but it’s baby’s first Halloween so there’s no way you’re not going to play dress up! An easy bonnet and a pairing Solly swaddle or sleeper and you’re photo ready. We’ve scoured the internet to find our favorite animal bonnets to make it even easier to find your little one’s spirit animal! 

Materials Needed: 

Oeuf is a great option (click here! Note: sizing starts at 6M)

06// Cocoon Babies 

This costume is not an easily transportable one, but it is pretty darling for taking a few photographs to remember your little one’s first Halloween, especially if you have a newborn. There is no real tutorial except spreading the wool around your swaddled babe. If you want a photo like this one, we recommend using pillows covered in a white sheet to prop baby up. 

Materials needed: 

  • Flax and Marengo Solly Swaddles + coordinating hats (Solly hats coming soon!)
  • Ivory or dark grey wool batting (I bought ours from here and here but there are a lot of options online)
  • Huge branch if you really want to go over the top for a photo!

07// Bumble Bee and Flower 

The under 30-minute prep time is well worth the big impact of this costume. If you want to take it up a notch, you can make a giant paper flower, but, honestly, why go through the trouble when Hobby Lobby makes it this easy? I also tried yellow washi tape to simplify the stripes but the tape didn’t stick. I am betting duct tape would do the trick, but the look isn’t quite as natural as yellow flannel. 

Materials Needed: 

  • Oversized artificial flower (Hobby Lobby or other craft store)
  • Black Solly Baby Wrap
  • Charcoal Swiss Dot Sleeper
  • ⅓  yard yellow flannel 
  • Double sided fashion tape  ¼ inch wide
  • 2 black pipe cleaners
  • Thick rounded black pipe cleaner 
  • 2 pom poms 
  • 1 black sheet black felt 
  • Glue dots
  • Glue gun 
  • Gold Aluminum Wire 
  • Scissors 

Flower Hair Piece: Cut flower leaving 2-3” of the stalk to wrap floral wire around, twisting around base and in circular crown, sizing to the crown of your head. To wear, fasten with bobby pins. If your hair length allows, gather your hair in a bun or high pony to help provide more weight to the back of the crown.

Bee Antennas: Size thick pipe cleaner to baby’s head, creating headband and twisting to tie in the back. Using thinner pipe cleaners, create antennas (the shorter the better for keeping them standing) and glue gun pom poms at the end. 

Bee Stripes: Cut 1-2” stripes of yellow flannel and using double sided fashion tape, apply to wrap in striped pattern. 

Bee Wings: Cut wing shape (I cut heart shape) and fasten on wrap using glue dots. 

08// Butterflies 

I was worried I was getting in over my head with this mommy + me butterfly costume, but I am still amazed by how quickly it came together and by how inexpensive it was to pull together (less than $20 for the props!). There are so many beautiful shades of monochromatic tulle, the color pairings are just about endless!

Materials Needed: 

Mama Wings: Stretch wire out roughly two feet, 6” wider than shoulder to shoulder, twisting ends into a decorative coil. Fold tulle over 2-3 times. Slide wire through top of fold. Thread needle and, using a running stitch and gathering as you go, sew up the middle of the tulle, knotting at the end. Spread sides of wings and cut V-shape on both ends to give more shape to the wings. 

Create circle with elastic, sizing around your shoulders like a shawl, and stitch ends together. Pinch center of elastic together and stitch to center of tulle toward the very top. 

Baby Wings: Creating a very narrow V with the wire about 6” in length, curl the ends. Gather yard of tulle (or less for smaller baby), pinching middle together. Use additional piece of wire to wrap around center of tulle and attach toward top of V wire. When baby is in Terra Cotta Wrap you can use the V to slide into wrap and keep in place.

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