Off to a family day at the museum or Saturday morning market? It’s the kind of day when you want to feel pretty, but you don’t want to spend too much time overthinking it. Top knots and low knots and a fresh #sollybaby in Fern are meant for days like these. We are sharing looks all week that are cute, comfortable, functional and nursing-friendly ☝🏽 for our #sollysummerstyle series! See my favorite Fern styles below:

It’s the kind of day when you want to look cute, but you don’t want to spend too much time overthinking it. Also, who has time for hair? Top knots and low knots are meant for days like this.

Key Features
• The bell sleeve, the length and the buttons for breastfeeding make this the ULTIMATE mom top. I think it might actually be a dress, but that’s irrelevant.
Bell bottoms with stretch? Count me in.
• These Free People booties have been everywhere these last few years and now I know why. Not too hot and not too cold, these babies will last forever and go with everything.

It’s Saturday morning and you’re so excited to be together as a family. You’ve got the energy to wear something other than sweats and hit the farmer’s market.

Key Features
• It’s all about this skirt from Anthro. The buttons up the front make it so easy to throw on and the linen fabric is so comfortable while still looking sophisticated and beautiful.
• I’m all about Madewell’s easy button-up tops. This blue and white striped is a classic.
• These sandals are a Target steal that took me back to second grade. In a good way.

You want to feel like yourself again in a flattering, breast feedling-friendly dress will take you from church to a baby shower to a family gathering? This is the one!

Key Features
• This Cloth and Clad wrap top dress is a dream for the nursing mom. So summery and lightweight, I can’t imagine this stunner not looking amazing on any mama!
• Let me first say, I don’t do heels at this point in my life, I just don’t BUT clogs are in a category all on their own. Bryr Clogs for the win. Handmade in San Francisco and with a heel that isn’t too high, I’m in love with these suede beauties.

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July 20th 2017

I had to comment and say that I am really loving this series!! I’ve always admired your style, and these outfits are adorable, comfortable and realistic for my life right now as a nursing mom. Now I’m contemplating buying some more wraps…Thank you!

July 20th 2017

That’s amazing to hear, Caro! So glad you love it and it’s helpful- I have found it so hard to find styles that suit real mamas, so that was the goal!! xo

November 22nd 2017

Love these style posts so much please do more for winter!! Need to know how to rock a coat/jacket and my wrap

December 1st 2017

Love these style posts! Why color are the clogs? I’ve been looking for a clog without a high heel. Hope you continue to do these posts!

November 8th 2018

Oh, I love this colour and I love your styling tips. Gold!

March 29th 2019

Short hair, don’t care 🙂 Just joking, love your style and outfits. Thank you for showing us styles for real mothers