Getting downtown for the day or slipping away for a ladies-only book club makes a mama feel alive! Understated and playful, this #cwforsolly Buffalo Check wrap is the ultimate summer accessory. We are sharing looks all week that are cute, comfortable, and functional for our #sollysummerstyle series! See my favorite Buffalo Check looks below:

Getting downtown for the day to peruse some shops and eat good food makes a mama feel alive! You don’t want to pack a stroller or a big bag, so bring the basics and this fresh summer pattern for a city stroll.

Key Features
• A linen top with a button placket makes breastfeeding as simple as unbuttoning a few buttons. I love this earth tone shade for concealing stains and I’m pretty sure I’ll love this top for at least another decade.
White denim with stretch and just enough holes in the knees to not feel too “mature,” this is the only way to do white denim in my opinion.
Stan Smith Adidas are the perfect white sneaker. Praying this trend lasts until I’m in the next phase of motherhood.

It’s book club night and you want to feel fun and feminine. A denim dress makes this one-piece outfit a breeze and your baby in the summer-perfect Buffalo Check wrap is the ultimate accessory.

Key Features
• This Roolee dress has hidden zippers for nursing, a loose fit, and length in the back that adds a nice shape.
• Perfect nude shade and sweet tassels on the laces, these sandals from Target are a steal.

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July 19th 2017


Will you guy do price adj on the buffalo check print? I bought it couple weeks ago.