Each of these parents had a baby during a global pandemic. All of them have a story to tell. Throughout the month we’ll be sharing how Covid shaped their pregnancy, birth and postpartum experiences—and the silver linings that brought unexpected glimmers of light to darker days.

We hope you’ll be as moved by their strength, devotion and grit as we’ve been, and if you feel up for it, we invite you to share your own Covid stories in the comments below or with #sollysilverlinings on Instagram. It’s common to feel isolated postpartum during “normal times,” and that’s only amplified in our current circumstances. But by telling our stories + listening to one another’s, we believe we can grow more connected and less alone.


I will remember all the little things. Without the distraction of outside visitors or weekly outings to meet up with friends (though I LOVE and miss those things so much), I feel like I will log the smaller, seemingly frivolous moments into my memory. I will remember how my husband helped wash the back of my legs when I couldn’t bend over during those first few days back at home following my c-section. I will remember the pure joy I felt finally being able to hold both babies at the same time in the NICU. I will remember the day we got to bring Henry home, and five days later, the day his sister Delilah joined him. I will remember how they absolutely hated their first bath and the first night they decided to cry uncontrollably in tandem. I will remember how wonderful it felt to be cleared for light exercise and how we immediately took advantage of it by logging a daily morning walk around our nearby lake. The list goes on, but those sweet fleeting moments will be the ones I treasure most.

Shawna gave birth to Henry + Delilah on May 22.

For me, it was difficult not to have my mother here with me during delivery as well as the postpartum period. In my culture, the maternal grandma usually comes and helps out during the first month after birth. Even though I do not need her help, her being with us provides … emotional support during the adjustment period. Even now, after six months, my parents still have not met the baby. They try to FaceTime with us every day but I wish they were able to meet their grandkid in person and not through video.

Angela gave birth to Quinton on March 20.

Covid has been a nightmare for some. And a blessing for others. It has been both for me. Losing loved ones and gaining a precious baby all in the same year has been traumatic and miraculous. One thing it has shown me is that tomorrow is not promised—but instead of fearing what is ahead, I’m choosing to look for the blessing in what lies ahead. I’m choosing to believe that all things, whether good or bad, are working together for my good. And as long as I’m alive, I’ll always find the beauty in chaos.

Tiana gave birth to Willow on May 22.

My original birth plan was to have my mom and my husband there, but there was only one person allowed at all times and it had to be the same person the whole time. So my mom was not able to be with me through my labor or my birth. I really wanted her there. She’s my rock, and I low-key felt like my husband wasn’t going to be as supportive as my mom. But thankfully he was the most amazing support person I could have ever asked for. 

Yuliana gave birth to Amari on July 2.

One big thing that did change that wasn’t necessarily my “birth plan” per se, but was related: Originally, my husband was supposed to be deployed for our baby’s birth. Due to COVID, his deployment got canceled, so it was a blessing in disguise that he was able to be home for our baby girl’s arrival. I have learned so much about myself during this process. I learned that I am adaptable, strong, and resilient, and because of that, I am a better mother to my children and a stronger person overall.

Kacianne gave birth to Gracie on September 21.

Regardless of what was going on in the world, there was a sweet little baby waiting to join our family. We had this anticipation and excitement still buzzing in our home that seemed unscathed. I learned that in times like these we can step up—because this is when our families and the world need the best version of us.

Nicole gave birth to Gus on July 27.

[Having a baby during Covid] has been the sweetest distraction from the world flipped upside down. It truly feels like the best time to have a baby in that we are really encouraged to stay home! I felt pressure to “bounce back” and get back to normal routines with my other three children. This is truly a savoring postpartum time. [We’ve woken] up to the wisdom that we can do things differently than where the cultural tides tend to pull, taking the time to slow down and tuning into what is best for our family.

Jacquelyn gave birth to Malea on July 16.


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