As moms, we can understand the most universal challenge of finding balance. While this comes differently to each of us, babywearing happily helps us juggle it all while keeping what matters most the very closest. If “physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness” (-Joseph Pilates), then instructor Jenny Redford of Jenny Redford Pilates is helping build a really happy you. Follow this special Solly Pilates series for her four top tips for healing and ultimately feeling strong after baby.

Think of exercise as your “supplements” and everyday movement as your “diet”. Those seemingly small things you do over and over everyday add up. And believe it or not, those things can contribute to healing or prevent it. The more you can avoid lifting in the first twelve weeks the better. If you have a toddler, you probably can’t avoid lifting all together for very long, but you can learn to lift in a way that is conducive to a healthy pelvic floor and core. Lifting from a kneeling proposal position and keeping their body as close to yours as possible is going to be so much easier on your body. Squatting, keeping the spine in “neutral” to lift laundry and work around the house will not only protect your core, but it will strengthen important muscles like your glutes. Moving with your breath- preparing with an inhalation and exerting on an exhalation- will promote a contraction in the pelvic floor and abs when you’re doing the “work” to keep things safe early on.

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