Postpartum is an easy time to feel like you need more to be the mom you want to be. More sleep, more help, more diapers, more energy, more food, more time, more caffeine, more skills, more gear, more clean laundry, more patience, more milk, more showers – more everything!

The world around you might be saying more but we’re telling you something else: you are already everything they need.

Exhausted-loving-impatient-beautiful-frustrated-caring-happy-depressed-hot mess-whatever else – YOU. You are exactly the mother your baby needs. No matter how your little ones come into your life, they were meant to be yours and you were meant to be theirs. They are going to learn from your imperfections just as you are going to learn from theirs.


+ Do one thing every day that scares you.
+ Make two lists: one of your strengths and one of your achievements. If you’re struggling, get a supportive friend or relative to help.
+ Smile at every person you see today.
+ Set goals for the next year and intentions for the day.
+ Strike up a conversation with another mom at the playground/grocery store/post office/etc.
+ Treat yourself to something healthy (like a smoothie, a massage or 30 minutes of stretching before bed).
+ Look in the mirror and compliment yourself aloud. Repeat daily (and in front of your kids!).
+ Before bed, think of three ways—big or small—you’ve shown your children love today.


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