Last month my mantra was to cut the junk in a serious way. We moved into a smaller home, cut our monthly expenses in half, donated half of our things, simplified our family calendar all the way down to our meals, and, more importantly, I’ve been “Marie Kondo’ing” my brain. I’ve been thinking about everything that fills my time, especially as a mother and business owner, that may have lost its intention. Things that have become habit that no longer serve me or my family or our community and even things I do simply out of good old-fashioned FOMO. I wonder how many things we could all stop doing that would actually add clarity and deeper meaning and impact to the things that we are doing?

It’s not about saying no or not trying new things, it’s about recognizing that every time we say no, we are saying yes to something else and vice versa. Saying no to soccer season this year may mean saying yes to family dinners two more nights of the week, saying no to scrolling Instagram may mean saying yes to reading that book you’ve been carrying around, saying no to that weekend trip you felt obligated to go but didn’t want to may mean giving yourself permission to rest and relax this weekend instead.

In my life, simplicity means less of the things that don’t truly add value to my life and more of the things that do. Here’s to a month of more with less!


+ Write down the top 3 most important things in your life. Then look at your calendar and see how many of the things on your schedule directly relate to or strengthen your relationship with one of those three things.
+ Cross out at least one “non-essential” activity or task on your calendar this week.
+ Organize your sock drawer with Shira Gill. May sound like a weird place to start but it might just change your life.
+ Isolate as many ways that you “buffer” or time that you spend unconsciously each day. Watching TV, scrolling social media, etc. Commit to stopping one for the week.


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October 11th 2018

Are there any specific episodes within those podcasts to listen to first?

October 28th 2018

These are all lovely reminders to practice mindfulness. I’ve found my life, and that of my family’s, is so much richer and better now that we’ve let go of so much of the stuff that really doesn’t matter to us. It’s allowed space and time for those things that do matter to come into our lives.