For November’s #motheryourself theme, I’m starting a new trend. It’s called “radical gratitude” (because doesn’t that sound like a perfectly obnoxious, new wave phrase?). It’s really just glass half-full kind of thinking. In any situation, but especially the hardest ones, the most stressful, the most annoying, the most heartbreaking, the most overwhelming, when my brain wants to complain and whine and give up, but instead of indulging in negative thoughts, I am going to think of something to be grateful for … to an almost ridiculous extent because WHY NOT? You may call it unicorns and rainbows delusions but I call it unicorns and rainbows are the FUTURE.

Here are a few times I’ve used it in my day-to-day lately: Toddler crying in the night? What a gift to have a healthy, crying baby that just wants me! She’s my biggest fan. Late for school again? I am teaching my children that it’s more important how we show up than when we show up. Lost my cool with my little ones again? They are learning so much from my mistakes. I’m grateful to have opportunities to show my kids how to offer sincere apologies. Someone said something hurtful? I’m so grateful that I get to choose what I want to believe about myself. It’s so liberating! Eating out for dinner for the third time this week? My childhood self would’ve killed for this life! What a blessing to be able to have the means to buy food, wherever it comes from! Behind on work? What a beautiful, full life I live. I love that I’m never bored. Kids are fighting with each other? Look at those wild babes, trying to figure out life together. I’m so glad they have each other. Still not fitting into those jeans? My body is freaking amazing. What a gift to have a body that functions and, even in its imperfection, can get me where I want to go. I’m so tired!! Isn’t it incredible all that I get done – even when I’m tired!! I am a freak of nature. In the very best way.

Doesn’t that feel good? Happy November, Friends! Hope you can recognize all that’s going right in life this month!


+ Start a gratitude journal or just write it in the notepad of your phone each day. Write 5 experiences you’re grateful for that day. Close your eyes and actually relive each experience for just a moment.
+ Each time you feel frustrated by something today, turn your mind immediately to something you are grateful for. Ex: your toddler spills their cereal everywhere and you look at his or her body and think how grateful you are that they are healthy enough to eat and move and even spill things! I promise this will change your outlook, especially if you make it a practice.
+ Gratitude often comes as a by product of serving others. Have a goal of doing one small act of service each day for someone you don’t know. Could be as simple as a smile or as big as paying for someone’s grocery bill behind you. Write down your experiences.
+ Print one or all of our downloadable quotes on gratitude and put them around your house.
+ Take 5 minutes and write someone a thank you card who has affected your life positively.


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November 9th 2018

As a psychologist, I love this post. It is something I am constantly trying to teach to my clients – to have an attitude of gratitude – it can be so powerful!