This is for the postpartum mama, but really it works for everyone.✨ We may be physically quarantined but we don’t need to be emotionally quarantined. It’s easy for me to not reach out to other people when I’m having a hard time because I don’t want to be a “downer” but two things. 1 / self-isolating emotionally is only going to create more unprocessed emotion that WILL build up and 2 / when you share what you’re going through with others, it gently gives them permission to as well. EVERYONE is going through it right now, so don’t feel like you need to put on a happy face for yourself or anybody else. 💛



+ Be intentional with your partner. Plan a small activity with your partner when you’re together. (i.e., go for a wrap ‘n’ walk, get really into a show, play a game, go through photos, cook something, sit on the porch and hold hands, etc.)

+ Make everyone a part of it—whether they’re there or not. Don’t be shy, send those pics and FaceTime family and friends all day long! New babies make everyone happy (unless you’re a monster, jk). Remember, they’re just as sad as you are that they’re missing out, so help them feel included.

+ Move your support group or park meet-up to Zoom or Google Hangout. Keep it regular and use it as a chance to check in on your friends and be checked in on. It will be as helpful for them as it is for you.

+ Get ready every day. I know that has nothing to do with other people, but I’m a big believer in a daily shower and a fresh change of underwear (even if they’re mesh 😂).

+ If there was ever a time to get active on Instagram or Facebook, this is it! I’m not one to encourage a ton of social media scrolling, but actually commenting and sharing photos and engaging with friends and family and wherever you feel like “your people” are online.

+ Keep in touch with your neighbors. Just a text to see if they’re doing okay. You’ll feel like you’re doing it for them but it’s for you too, I promise.

+ Keep in touch with your healthcare providers. They’re not too busy for you. They are there for you at this time. Don’t let “bigger problems” stop you from getting the care you need, whether that’s physical care or emotional care.

+ Use this time to dream. Whenever I’ve had a baby, it’s been the perfect time to write and think about the future and just dream big. Don’t pass up those quiet (if exhausted) moments to let your mind drift into bucket list territory. Why not, you know?

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I guess, that it is very important to be isolated during this period. You can not predict what will be in a month, that’s why, it is essential to stay at home now.

March 31st 2020

In my opinion, getting in touch with your relatives can help you a lot with solving the problem of isolation during the quarantine.