As we were designing our AW20 Collection, Loré had this concept of capturing the daily rhythm of a new mother in morning, noon, evening, and night. So much of the postpartum experience exists in that daily rhythm when our senses are on hyperdrive as we meet the needs of a newborn, so this idea of honoring how much is put into every single part of your day as a parent really inspired me as well.



This season’s line follows the daily rhythms of motherhood, the unfussy rituals that fill up our cups and bring meaning to the mundane at all hours of the day and night. In case you’re still defining that rhythm (it takes time! and evolves!) or hoping to create one with intention, we’ve put together a simple guide to help get you started.

This simple practice allows YOU to guide the direction your day will take—especially after a long night.

Pick one (or two!):

+I was made for this.

+I am enough.

+Taking care of me will allow me to take care of my baby.

+I am perfectly imperfect and exactly the mother my baby needs.

+Today we will learn + grow together. I’d feed the baby in the morning, get ready for the day, and tie on my wrap whether or not baby was going right in. Throughout the day, my babies would go in the wrap and then out for feeding and changing, back in for cooking and cleaning or working, and then out again for more feeding and baths or time with siblings.
—Elle One of the best things I did—and still do—is to take my cup of coffee or tea outside every morning. I tried/try not to plan my day or rush, but to just take ten minutes to be fully present, breathe in the air, and notice the things around me. Taking this moment can set the tone for your whole day. Also, in my experience babies often become the calmest when they are outside, which is a magical thing when you’re still trying to wake up!”—Loré


This can apply to baby and mama! If baby goes down in her crib or bassinet, by all means catch up on your on sleep! If solo naps aren’t happening, a wrap nap while you read or listen to a podcast on a stroll around the block can recharge both of you, too. Power through the afternoon slump with a musical interlude. We’ve put together the perfect playlist for the occasion. If the house is overwhelming, I choose one room to clean (and by clean, I mean just picking up everything off of the floor), and then sit down to drink a huge glass of water. That has always helped!” —Loré


In the evening, taking a family walk has always been one of my favorite things. It’s usually a time where you can reflect on the day and step away from any distractions in the house and any things left undone. Spending this time being present with the ones I love has always been the most important and meaningful time of every day.” —Loré

It can be easy to get caught up in the dinner/last-minute work emails/pass-the-baby shuffle, but taking a few minutes to sit together (without phones!) and ask + listen about one another’s days can be so grounding. Evenings are usually spent cleaning up after dinner, taking baths, reading books, reviewing the day as a family, playing with animals or taking a walk down the road. Some evenings are more peaceful than others, of course, but I find it’s a natural ‘check-in’ time with my little ones and we try to keep this rhythm in place no matter how busy our days are.” —Elle


(Or shower. Or at least wash your face.) Hand off baby for 5, 10, 30 minutes or more and take a moment to wash off the day. It’s incredible how good this can feel. Whether you actually write it down or just make a mental list, naming three things you’re grateful for as you drift off to sleep eases anxiety and fills your heart. Thinking about how tired you’ll be when you’re awake (again) at 2 a.m. won’t do anything to get you more rest. But focusing on that warm, tiny body and those sleepy, grunty snuggles sure will make the long nights a little sweeter.

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September 28th 2020

It’s so so difficult but, when you feel overwhelmed stop and think how short is that period in a lifetime, and that one day you will miss this little tiny hands searching your body during the night.