Happy Sollyween

October 4, 2017

Happy Sollyween! Get tiny thrills and big inspiration from the most creative Solly mama and baby costumes for a not-so-spooky Halloween. We teamed up with our friends at The House That Lars Built to create 5 over-the-top brilliant ensembles.Treat yourself and scroll through our costume eye candy for some fun Halloween inspo and don’t forget to share your own #Sollyween costumes as well!

Keeping baby cozy and close is our best trick for fun Halloween celebrations. Please use special caution when using your carrier as part of a costume and be sure to use all of our safety TICKS. It is never okay to have your baby’s face covered by anything in the wrap. Happy Sollyween!

Disguise your tiny man (or lady) with a pointy hat and faux fur beard, perched perfectly under his toadstool mama. Paired with our Natural & Grey Striped wrap, clay culottes and clogs, take this ethereal woodland look over the top with a DIY cardboard mushroom hat. Click here for the costume recipe, instructions and tips.


Color me happy! A pink boiler suit and Warm Grey wrap is my kind of blank canvas for this creative costume. Cover your jumpsuit with paint splatters and tape paint blobs onto your tiny palette and you’re ready to hit the town! Click here for the costume recipe, instructions, templates, and tips.


It’s the perfect fit! Nothing says mama and baby like these beautifully painted nesting dolls. With a peasant dress, paint-by-number floral apron, silk scarf, and your babe in a Mulberry wrap, simply doll it up with rosy cheeks to pull this look off perfectly. Click here for the costume recipe, instructions, templates, and tips.


Festive and so much fun, this iconic Miss Chiquita and her sweet banana baby is a happy flashback of the lady of fruit and her catchy tune! With baby in your Ochre wrap and a jumbo Chiquita sticker, throw on ruffles, high heels, and some plastic fruit to celebrate. Click here for the costume recipe, instructions, templates, and tips.


Special delivery! This is the sweetest package you’ll ever carry. With feathers in a bell sleeve top and a transformed baseball cap, just stick some “handle with care” shipping labels to your Camel wrap and you’ll be ready to fly. Click here for the costume recipe, instructions, templates, and tips.

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October 5th 2017

These costume ideas are absolutely adorable!

October 6th 2017

So cute! These costumes are amazing.

October 6th 2017

The Chiquita costume is my favorite!!!!

October 13th 2017

Ah my gosh! So cute! We just bought a little Babushka Doll on our holidays in France. I love all the beautiful embroidery sewing on the outfit too. The colours! Oh MY!

November 12th 2017

Ah my gosh, so much cuteness here!!! The colors on the Babushka Doll outfit is insane, but I think my favorite is the painter and palette! Must be my crafty side that is coming out! So lovely! Can I just say that I adore that you have a non-spooky halloween post! So fresh and different!

October 9th 2019

Wow, that’s so admirable and interesting. Charming suits, especially Chiquita Banana. Keep up the good work)