February: Connection

February 2, 2019

I’ve birthed four babies. Some of those babies I felt connected to in the womb and others it wasn’t until months after they were born before I felt the same level of connection. I knew I loved them, but the connection was different. It was easy to judge myself for that, like it was something to be embarrassed of or represented a deficiency in my ability to love or mother, but it’s something I’ve let go of. Relationships develop differently, rarely do they come in a single moment and that’s just fine. Judging it, resisting it, and shaming ourselves only brings us further from authentic connection. I’m so excited to explore our #motheryourself theme of *connection* more this month. Whether you’re wanting to feel more connected to your baby, your partner, yourself, or someone you don’t even know (you know Oprah, Joanna Gaines and I are all 3 BFFs, right?) there are many things we can do to increase that connection and I’ll be sharing them all throughout the month. Join me here & on IG Live (almost) every Thursday at noon PST!

+ Wear your baby every day for at least 3 hours. Look at your baby in the eyes and smile as many times as possible. Notice how it affects your relationship throughout the month.

+ Using lotion or baby massage oil, spend a few minutes each night massaging your little one.

+ Feeling a lack of intimacy in your relationship postpartum? Write a list of at least 10 things you love about your partner. Read the list together.

+ If you worry you’ve “lost yourself” in motherhood, recognize that’s just a thought and try letting it go. Trust that through all the hard you experience in motherhood, you are becoming the new best version of yourself.

+ Write a list of 25 things you want in your life. Let your mind stretch and dream as far as it can go. Getting in touch with your desires can quickly get you in touch with yourself.

+ Recognize that connection is just your thoughts about someone else. Notice the thoughts you’re having about the people in your life. Are they building connection or taking away from it?


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