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February 16, 2015


Last month, I was incredibly fortunate enough to share an Alt Summit stage with three amazing women. I chose all of these women for this panel because we all seem to walk similar paths and shared similar values when it came to our businesses but it did not occur to me how incredibly similar all of our stories were until we were all on stage sharing our stories.

Meeting other like-minded women has been such a beautiful thing for me. It’s inspiring to hear their stories, learn about their struggles and applaud their successes. The only regret I had after the panel was the fact that we couldn’t share with more of you. I wish I could’ve brought together everyone who has ever asked me a question or looked for guidance as it relates to being a mother and entrepreneur because this panel was overflowing with lessons learned and inspirational tales.

Luckily, we live in a digital world and the age of sharing content. Not long after our Alt pow-wow, we were all interviewed by Jason Richardson, the host of Patterns of Success. So before I go into more about how much I adore all of these women, I’ll let you hear for yourself and I hope you find all the information as useful and inspiring as it is to me.

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