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I think we can all agree that finding and giving gifts for the holidays is no easy feat, especially when you’re busy (*all moms, everywhere raise your hand*). This year, I put together a list of a few things I have my eye on (hint, hint!) and items I’m planning to get my husband, Jared (aka: the hipster papa), our kids and our neighbors + teachers! And if you’re reading this blog a few days before Christmas (I’m raising my hand right now with you, for real) I gave you a few last-minute gift ideas, too!

Xx, Elle








Hazel / Toddler 

Want: Baby doll

Do: Shape puzzle

Wear: Mabo Denim + Gingham Top 

Read: Harry Dirty Dog


Frances / Kindergartner 

Want: Fairy House Kit

Do: Beeswax Crayons, Sight reading game

Wear: Plain Jane Nightgown 

Read: Easy Peasy Gardening for Kids


Solomon / Elementary boy 

Want: Lego Stem Building Baking Set

Do: Origami Kit 

Wear: Patagonia Fleece

Read: The Hobbit 


Lucy / Tween 

Want: Polaroid Camera + Leather Case

Do: Needle Felting Kit

Wear: ARQ tank + undies

Read: Keeper of the Lost Cities

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December 16th 2019

This list is a lifesaver as Christmas has come up so quickly this year! I love the idea of the coffee vouchers and the printable holder! Thanks!

December 18th 2019

Love all the gifts on the mama section! Got some for myself 🙂 I did order the Arq underwear and they are the ugliest things in person! And no returns! The plain Jane pjs, candle, bath soak, and boots were awesome though!

January 9th 2021

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