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I think we can all agree that finding and giving gifts for the holidays is no easy feat, especially when you’re busy (*all moms, everywhere raise your hand*). This year, I put together a list of a few things I have my eye on (hint, hint!) and items I’m planning to get my husband, Jared (aka: the hipster papa), our kids and our neighbors + teachers! And if you’re reading this blog a few days before Christmas (I’m raising my hand right now with you, for real) I gave you a few last-minute gift ideas, too!

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Hazel / Toddler 

Want: Baby doll

Do: Shape puzzle

Wear: Mabo Denim + Gingham Top 

Read: Harry Dirty Dog


Frances / Kindergartner 

Want: Fairy House Kit

Do: Beeswax Crayons, Sight reading game

Wear: Plain Jane Nightgown 

Read: Easy Peasy Gardening for Kids


Solomon / Elementary boy 

Want: Lego Stem Building Baking Set

Do: Origami Kit 

Wear: Patagonia Fleece

Read: The Hobbit 


Lucy / Tween 

Want: Polaroid Camera + Leather Case

Do: Needle Felting Kit

Wear: ARQ tank + undies

Read: Keeper of the Lost Cities

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December 16th 2019

This list is a lifesaver as Christmas has come up so quickly this year! I love the idea of the coffee vouchers and the printable holder! Thanks!

December 18th 2019

Love all the gifts on the mama section! Got some for myself 🙂 I did order the Arq underwear and they are the ugliest things in person! And no returns! The plain Jane pjs, candle, bath soak, and boots were awesome though!