As a new mom, you already have a heightened awareness of what colds are going around, but with the rampant spread of Covid-19, it’s easy to go from heightened awareness to full-on, “let’s get to the bunker” paranoia. You have enough going on, so we did the research for you so you can take the precautions necessary to keep you and your little ones safe, without having to sift through the bad information or fear-mongering coverage online (and from your mother-in-law).


The short answer is no, but it may be that children are getting it without showing symptoms or very mild symptoms. So far no child has died from the virus and all data points to susceptibility increasing with age, with the most vulnerable population being people over 60.

+ If you or your baby has been exposed to someone who has tested positive for Covid-19 or if either of you have a high fever or severe cough. An article from the Yale School of Medicine “urges families to avoid the emergency room unless their child genuinely requires emergency care.” Of course take all normal precautions and stay in touch with your healthcare provider if you notice any change in your child’s health.

+ While there are many similarities (fever, cough, body aches, fatigue) respiratory issues are slightly more prevalent especially if you’re experiencing a shortness of breath. Read more here.

+ Wash your hands. It’s obvious but it’s the best way to stop the spread.

+ Practice social distancing and avoid travel. Avoid large-scale gatherings and crowds in general where possible. I thought this seemed extreme until I saw this graph from Vox, showing how much we can help slow the spread by practicing social distancing.


+ Use your wrap. You probably saw this coming, but it is truly one of the most effective ways to keep germs away from your baby and to prevent people from touching your little one. See more about how to use your wrap below.

+ Be prepared. Have at least a two-week food and household item supply storage (toilet paper, soap, cleaning supplies, medicine, etc.). If you can have a grocery service deliver them, it’s worth the extra cost. I found this good reference for what foods to buy.

+ When you are in public, avoid touching your face, shaking hands, and hugging.

+ Keep yourself healthy too! It’s easy to focus so much on keeping our little ones healthy that we forget to take care of ourselves. Stay hydrated and get as much rest as you can.
Don’t feel bad saying “no” to guests or visitors.

+ Wrap your babe every time you go out. It’s so much easier to keep the germs off when than when they’re in a stroller.
+ Tie it on before you go.
+ If your baby is under 3 months or asleep, keep their legs and feet covered with the tag section and the backs of their heads tucked in the wrap (of course always keeping their faces clear and visible). Get a refresher with our tutorial video here.
+ Keep it clean by washing your wrap frequently. One of the best features of our carrier is that it’s machine washable and can be dried in the dryer. Wash cold, delicate cycle and tumble dry, low heat.
+ Keep the hand sanitizer in your pocket or the end pocket on the wrap for easy access as you’re out and about.

+ Remember that worry doesn’t drive productive action and stress is actually more likely to effect your immune system. Instead of worry, take note of what is in your control and then take confident, thoughtful action, trusting that you will do whatever is necessary to keep you and your family safe.
+ Resist the urge to check the news all day. Decide how you will be informed and set a time each day when you will check in rather than letting it overtake your day.
+ Join me on Instagram Live tomorrow 3/13 at 9AM pst where I will give more tips on overcoming worry and how to stay safe (and sane!) throughout this time.

+ I always like hearing what other families are doing so I thought I’d share how we’re approaching it as well. In addition to the precautions above, we are making a plan for activities we can do from home in case of quarantine, cancelling anything taking place outside our home that isn’t crucial, and keeping the conversation open, ongoing and positive with our children. This morning we instituted a work-at-home policy for our staff until further notice for everyone other than our shipping team, which we limited to two workers at a time and following CDC protocol.

Other resources:

CDC’s guide for helping you talk to your older children about how to stay safe

CDC’s response for pregnancy-related questions

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