Postpartum is an easy time to feel like you need more to be the mom you want to be. More sleep, more help, more diapers, more energy, more food, more time, more caffeine, more skills, more gear, more clean laundry, more patience, more milk, more showers – more everything!

The world around you might be saying more but we’re telling you something else: you are already everything they need.

Exhausted-loving-impatient-beautiful-frustrated-caring-happy-depressed-hot mess-whatever else – YOU. You are exactly the mother your baby needs. No matter how your little ones come into your life, they were meant to be yours and you were meant to be theirs. They are going to learn from your imperfections just as you are going to learn from theirs.



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I’m excited to share with you three amazing facts about babywearing that have been so essential to helping my babies (and myself) heal, bond and adjust to the wild fourth trimester.

1) Wearing your baby tummy-to-tummy helps promote healthy digestion! (If you’ve had a baby with tummy issues, you know what a big deal this is.)

2) A mama’s body temperature will help regulate her baby’s body temperature- your body will actually heat or cool to the temperature your baby needs!

3) Skin-to-skin contact releases feel-good oxytocin for reduced stress, increased feelings of love, and the desire for connection in you and your baby. It’s the sweetest start to life.

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Dear mamas thinking about a second baby or already expecting #2 (or #3 or #4 or #5…) or in the early days and months of being mama to two babes, this is for you. If your worry and anticipation and new brutiful (brutal + beautiful) emotions are a little less about what to pack in the hospital bag and much more about how your first born will possibly be okay during your hospital nights away or your hours of newborn feeds or your heart suddenly loving double or more, you’re not alone. As a mama to four, I hope these tips ease that transition.

1) Let your older child(ren) feel what they need to feel. It’s not our job to fix their feelings, but just hold the space for them to feel. I promise as you don’t fight or try to fix it, they’ll be able to process those emotions faster and move into a much more peaceful place as you make that transition. And don’t forgot to be kind to yourself because it can definitely be challenging!

2) Prepare for a range of toddler emotions. Older sister/brother may be mad at you or the baby or everyone and regress in some way. It can be a tricky connection to make when the emotions surface after the novelty of their new baby has worn off a little bit, but listening, understanding, and giving them new opportunities to grow and help with baby goes a long way.

3) Emphasize their new, exciting role as big sister or brother. Our family loves reading the book I’m a Big Sister or I’m a Big Brother during the pregnancy and first couple of months postpartum to help them understand the changes coming and that your love as a mama will only grow for them.

4) Spend one-on-one time with your older child(ren). Making 10 minutes (minimum) of child-directed time while baby is sleeping in the wrap or in the crib or with your partner will really fill their buckets and helps them feel secure and loved and needed as part of the family.

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As moms, we can understand the most universal challenge of finding balance. While this comes differently to each of us, babywearing happily helps us juggle it all while keeping what matters most the very closest. If “physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness” (-Joseph Pilates), then instructor Jenny Redford of Jenny Redford Pilates is helping build a really happy you. Follow this special Solly Pilates series for her four top tips for healing and ultimately feeling strong after baby.


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If a good life must include sharing our stories and hearts (it must!), start here with the ultimate love and heartache and the honest, miraculous journey to motherhood with twins. Our gorgeous and brave mama friend, Jen Hawkins, is a real life example of finding the silver linings. We cried happy tears, feel so motivated to see the beauty in every little moment and share our own stories, however parenting looks to each of us!


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Preparing to bring home a new baby is one of the most exciting times of a new mama and dad’s life, coupled with plenty of anticipation, a little bit of worry, and a whole lot of wonder! We couldn’t think of a better lady to turn to for words of wisdom and tasteful newborn and new mama must-haves for this big season than expecting mom of (almost) three and our newest collaboration designer, Jenni Kayne. Read her tips and top essentials and then take that deep breath after trusting her parenting mantra, “everything is just a phase.” You’re ready for this, mama!


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Pressed Juicery was founded with one goal in mind- “to bring delicious, premium, and nutritious juice to everyone.” We’re true fans (and customers) and have turned to co-founder Carly de Castro for advice on bringing this kind of delicious nutrition into our homes and lifestyles. She’s sharing her doable and super helpful tips as a mom and healthy food advocate, below.


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As a mom, you have enough on your plate. Between keeping track of doctor’s appointments, feeding schedules and making sure the diaper bag is packed and ready to go at a moment’s notice, you’ll try just about anything to make life a little simpler. We get it! With that in mind, we’ve done some research and found seven reliable and effective “hacks” to lighten your load and give you back the time to do what you do best – be a great mom.


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