What an amazing week! We launched the new Solly Baby Spring/Summer 2016 line earlier this week and have been running like crazy to keep up ever since. As a little treat for our followers we decided to jazz up the traditional launch giveaway by highlighting the styling that goes into the looks for each model. Every day on Instagram, we’ve been featuring a look and giving you an opportunity to “Win the Wardrobe” by following the listed brands and commenting. Today we’re giving you an extra chance to win each look by pinning your favorite style.

If you missed a look this week on instagram, they’re all listed under #SollyStyle so you can go back and comment on each one if you love them all.

Winners will be announced Monday morning.

Happy pinning!





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James Kicinski-McCoy is mom to Julian, Milla Plum, Birdie and Sailor, lives her days surrounded by her family, working from her Nashville home office and creating and editing beautiful content on Bleubird (@bleubird) and Mother (mothermag.com). She lives by the mantra “it will all work out” and is the kind of friend we (and thousands of readers) turn to for beauty fixes and real parenting advice…and lots of in-between. James sits down to answer all of our questions and now we’re loving her even more.


How do you start your day? Will you share your morning routine?
I typically wake up around 8 am. My husband, Aubrey, brings me coffee in bed (I love almond milk lattes). We get the kids ready for school and see them off. Most days I like to go for a 30 minute run before starting work. This isn’t always in the cards, but it definitely helps jump start my day. I work from home most days with my team, juggling several businesses and being a mom of four. I usually have a late breakfast around 11, and spend the rest of my workday in meetings, answering emails, and on set at photo shoots.

Do you live by a favorite mantra?
“It will all work out.”

Where do you go for your best inspiration?
Honestly some of my best ideas have been while in the shower. Haha. Music is also extremely inspiring.

Please share your favorite beauty fix. Describe your everyday look/outfit?
Most days I throw on my favorite jeans and vintage t-shirt or sweater when it’s cold. As for my beauty routine, I keep it simple most days with Dr. Jart’s BB Beauty Cream, the Anastasia Brow Wiz, Onomie Bright Concealing Elixir, Elizabeth Mott Volumizing Mascara, Tata Harper Cheek Tint, and the Omorovicza Perfecting Lip Balm.


What does a typical mother/child outing look like for you?
My big kids and I eat at our favorite Korean restaurant once a week, just the three of us. On the weekends, the whole family tries to get outside for some fresh air. We usually grab brunch and hit up the farmers’ market, flea market, or park.

How do you pamper yourself (when you’re lucky)?
90 minute massages at Escape day spa.

Do you have a favorite family meal?
My house is full of picky eaters, but everyone loves Mexican food so we usually settle on tacos.

What family traditions have carried over from your own childhood?
I don’t really have any from my own childhood, but I’ve enjoyed creating my own family traditions. For example, every Friday after school we take our kids to get a “Friday treat”, whether it is donuts or ice cream, to celebrate the weekend.

What part of motherhood brings you the most joy?
Watching my children grow and become their own strong individuals.


Which part of the life/motherhood/work balance do you do best? Which part do you “let go”?
I am really good at unplugging at nighttime and on the weekends to spend uninterrupted time with my husband and kids.

Do you have favorite parenting advice/helps for new mom friends?
Speak to your children, as you would like to be spoken to.

What, more than anything, do you want to pass on to [your child]?
I want them to know that they create their own happiness, and nothing or no one else can do that for them.

What’s your favorite parenting phase? Which is the most challenging?
Definitely the teenage phase. Luckily I have two incredible young adults who make my role as their mother easy. Don’t be scared! The most challenging is ages 3-6, when kids test limits, tell you no, and develop selective hearing.


Tell us your “must have” parenting product.
Definitely a sound machine (white noise) in the little kids’ room so they can sleep through the night undisturbed.

What is your biggest life accomplishment so far?
Other than raising four incredible little humans, I am most proud of Mother (mothermag.com), a hip parenting site I co-founded and edit.

I can’t start my day without…

My happy place is…
At home

I am most proud of…
My smart, funny, and self-determined kids

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Happy Sollyween!

October 26, 2015


Creative Halloween costumes while babywearing are so much fun! Last year, Frances and I dressed up as Little Bo Peep and her precious little sheep, which was a last minute costume that I pulled together from random things around my house but this year I really wanted to make sure I planned ahead so I bought this adorable bambi hoodie from Oeuf so she could keep warm while we celebrated with the older kids and still dress up. But the best part, is that she can continue to wear this even after Halloween.

Check out our favorite Oeuf + Solly Baby wrap combinations!


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Contributor: Paulina Eaborn


Third pregnancy means relaxed comfort to me, and so I mix my wardrobe favourites with some maternity basics to finish the style. Having two boys to take care of means flat shoes to run around in and combining this with dresses to feel pretty and comfortable. Instead of the usual nappy bag, I’ll use my favorite handmade leather tote and store the essentials in a stylish way.


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Contributor Isobel Benesch

An afternoon spent wandering the streets of downtown Carlsbad, exploring tiny shops, grabbing green smoothies, and watching the train run through the middle of it all with my two boys is what our summer days are made up of. And our afternoon is happy, seamless, and carefree thanks to babywearing.

Instead of having to navigate a stroller in and out of narrow doorways, through groups of people, and around tables filled with hungry diners, I can go about my afternoon freely with two extra hands, something I consider vitally important now that I have two children versus one.

Baby Gray is kept intimately close so I can quickly assess and attend to his needs and he is held up high where he has a good view of everything going on around him allowing him to best learn about and interact with his surrounding environment. I have two free hands for Holden that enable me to help him scale rocks, stop his smoothie from tipping over, tickle him in the grass, and hold hands to cross the street.

With Gray snugly bound across my chest, it feels as though he is an intimate part of it all while allowing me to fully engage with Holden who never seems to stop telling us stories. Babywearing allows me to feel as though I am there for both of my babies at the same time 100% of the time and able to freely enjoy my afternoon with both of them without any stress.


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While babywearing in the winter is warm and snuggly, babywearing in the summer can be equally as rewarding. Some of our happiest customers come from warmer climates, they love our lightweight fabric and minimal bulk, which keeps both baby and babywearer cool and happy. Our fabric is almost sheer and cool to the touch, maximizing breathability for both you and baby.

We believe babywearing should always be an enjoyable experience whether you’re snuggling inside on a rainy day or soaking in the sun, smelling the salt water and feeling the breeze on a beach in Hawaii.


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Guest Contributor: Jessica Garvin

Jessica is mama to two adorable little girls with her third baby on the way. Her instagram feed is bright and fun and is a fun place to drop by for some adorable outfit inspiration for little girls. The moments she shares with her family are so lovely and full of light and laughter. We can’t wait to follow along with the stylings of her new little one due in just a couple weeks.

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