At Home with Sara Brawner

November 30, 2016


For those of you who haven’t met Sara Brawner, you’re in for a treat. We’re so inspired by this beautiful mama of five and her positive perspective. For someone who has gone through such heartbreak, she mothers with such grace and kindness. We admire her for so many reasons and believe that her story is worth being told and heard. Hope this interview touches you the way it has touched us.


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I’ve had a handful of people ask me for suggestions on parenting books recently. In light of baby #4 making her appearance next month I thought I’d brush up on some of my favorites and finally put a list together for those of you who have been asking. I used to consume parenting books like some women consume fashion magazines, but I’ve slowed down in recent years in an attempt to listen to my own rhythm as a mother. That being said, I’d love to hear your favorites as well so please comment with any exceptional ones that I’m missing out on!


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SB SUMMER - 460_600

We’re lighting sparklers, eating watermelon and donning our red, white and blue! In our house, the Fourth of July is synonymous with a big family trip to the beach.

Sweet babies digging in the sand (and maybe also trying to eat it), collecting seashells, running barefoot along the beach. These are the memories we’ll treasure. One of my favorite things about our wraps is they make it easy, and comfortable, to wear your baby no matter where your holiday traditions may take you.


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Our new happy normal

December 24, 2015


To our Solly Baby Family,

When I look back on 2015, I will fondly remember it as the year we finally embraced not having it all together. We spent half the summer on the road in our pop-up camper and then the following four months fighting tooth and nail for a fixer-upper farm we fell in love with along the way. Once we finally got the keys, we celebrated by immediately starting massive renovations with all our belongings stacked in boxes in the barn.

From cool beachside office to taking conference calls in the henhouse and responding to emails amidst piles of sawdust, we chose to embrace our new “normal.” Both Jared and I logged many last-minute travels from coast to coast, never quite knowing where to call home base.

We didn’t get holiday cards out or a “real” family photo taken (thanks for this one, Mom!), we are all sleeping on mattresses on the floor, and we are laying the new hardwoods ourselves- a project I’m still not even sure how we got ourselves into. And, yet, despite all of the chaos and the lack of “normalcy,” we have found peace in each other and happiness in change and growth. Our children have been my examples as they have played and laughed and found new daily adventures throughout it all!

As we have stripped down so much of what I used to see as necessities, I have found four things that I want to carry with me into 2016:

1 — Home is where they are
2 — There is beauty in simplicity
3 — A business can thrive just about anywhere if heartened by hard work, kindness, and a desire to add value to people’s lives
4 — When all else fails, make popcorn (see recipe below) and turn on Netflix

I hope this holiday season brings you and your family together. Whether it was your year to do it all right or the year that everything seemed to fall apart, I hope you are able to embrace what is, find peace in the crazy, and feel good about the work you are doing.

Wishing you all the happiest of holidays from our family to yours!


For delicious (healthy) caramel popcorn recipe, see below the jump.


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Contributor: Kristen Mittler

When I was a little girl, my mother would put elvis presley christmas in the cassette player and we would sing along as we decorated our tree. So much love and joy would fill our home. Nostalgia at its finest. I remember sitting on a stool in the kitchen and watching my mom bake cookies with my aunts. My job was to icing the sugar cookies and I would sneak licks from my spoon. They would talk and laugh so much and I would look at them, thinking, nothing is greater than this.

Nowadays, I find find myself doing the very same things my mother did during this time of year. Singing along to holiday music and making sugary messes in the kitchen … keeping rufus close to me in my wrap and letting my older kiddos lick the frosting off of my spatula after im all done baking…

I loved christmas time as a child, but I love it even more as a mommy.


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Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 6.45.03 PM


Ayesha Curry is married to 2015 NBA Championship Winner, mom to Riley and Ryan, founder of Little Lights of Mine and a Solly Baby fan! In this recent feature on the Rachael Ray show, she talks about mom life, her daily struggles and some of the things that matter most to her.

Ayesha is beautiful inside and out and her down-to-Earth mama style really shines in the interview. Our favorite part was when she said, “At the end of the day, I am just a mom trying to keep everything together.”

To see more of Ayesha in her Solly Baby wrap keep on reading….


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