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Ayesha Curry is married to 2015 NBA Championship Winner, mom to Riley and Ryan, founder of Little Lights of Mine and a Solly Baby fan! In this recent feature on the Rachael Ray show, she talks about mom life, her daily struggles and some of the things that matter most to her.

Ayesha is beautiful inside and out and her down-to-Earth mama style really shines in the interview. Our favorite part was when she said, “At the end of the day, I am just a mom trying to keep everything together.”

To see more of Ayesha in her Solly Baby wrap keep on reading….


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We love your perspective, Ayesha! And if you’re looking for some delicious recipes, check out Ayesha’s food section on her blog. It’s amazing!

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October 17th 2015

I think every mom is trying to keep it together! LOL! Glad she can relate. She looks so down to earth. Love the pix and the color of the wrap.

October 27th 2015

Will you ever be having a similar color wrap again?