April: Strength

April 3, 2019

I used to think strength meant loud and outspoken and unrelenting. Sometimes it is. But motherhood has taught me that strength is also soft and thoughtful and peaceful. It takes strength to say no. Strength to slow down. Strength to wait. Strength to say sorry. Strength to be uncertain. Strength to be imperfect. Strength just to show up. Strength to be afraid. Strength to accept what is. Strength to live with your whole heart.

This month we’re going to explore strength in motherhood. Join me on Instagram Live this Thursday at 9am PST. I’ll be sharing my top 5 Tips for Rising Strong (aka getting off the bathroom floor when life is hard).

+ Download Brene Brown’s Rising Strong Guide and fill it out.

+ Get out your notes app and write 5 hard things you’ve overcome in your life.

+ Practice saying “no thanks”. It’s a full sentence. Feel free to use it often.

+ Follow The Female Hustlers for some daily inspo.


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