We may be sheltering-in-place, but that doesn’t mean we can’t also celebrate-in-place. These quarantine-friendly ways to treat yourself on Mother’s Day require little to no advance planning, so you (or your partner 😉) can easily pull them off. I’m for sure doing 4, 6 (lol) and 9. What about you? 💆‍♀️🏽 You won’t regret any of them! 💕 Wishing you a special, memorable, relaxing Mother’s Day!


Take a long, hot shower. Lock the door.

Enjoy breakfast in office (aka bed).

Stay in your jammies all day! Act like you haven’t been doing that all along!

Have someone else unload the dishwasher—all three times you run it.

Self-isolate. Stow away in another room. Browse Pinterest. Do some yoga. Trim your bangs. (Lol, or maybe don’t?) And most importantly, go to the bathroom ALONE.

Do a mask! But like the kind that cleans your pores, not the kind that covers your mouth.

Take a walk solo—or wrapped up with a sleeping babe, which is the best kind of company.

Take a nap! Feed then hand off the baby, relocate the sound machine from the nursery to your room, and close those tired eyes, mama.

Have dinner delivered. The only thing better than a meal you didn’t cook is a meal that requires no cleanup. (Plus, restaurant food that doesn’t require restaurant behavior? Sign us and our children up.)

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May 10th 2020

A lot of your suggestions involve getting away from your child. I didn’t become a single mom to get away from my child

June 26th 2020

I know, it can be very complicated and difficult to plan your day! But you need to do it! Your need to learn to manage your time accordingly!