It can be so easy to get lost in new motherhood. Your body is changing, you probably aren’t sleeping, and some days it feels like just brushing your teeth is an accomplishment (which it is!). Life will never be exactly as it was before, but we’ve put together some helpful tips to get you on the road to feeling a little more like you again.



1. Give yourself a break. You probably think the dishes have to be done, the laundry put away, a healthy meal set on the table – but it doesn’t. Try setting realistic goals for yourself of maybe just one or two things to accomplish today. That way you can cross every item off your list and feel extra amazing if you get to some of those extra to-do’s.

2. Treat Yourself. You just delivered a baby! There has never been a better time to pamper yourself than at this very moment. Whether you want to try a new haircut, book a massage, or go get fitted and shop for new nursing bras, this is your opportunity to do whatever is going to make you feel good about yourself for today.

3. Go for one outing a day. Fresh air and a change of scenery can cure just about anything. Put baby in the wrap and try taking a walk around the block, go to your local bookstore, sit at a coffee shop, or visit a friend. The outing will force you to get out of your pajamas and into the real world.

4. Get a babysitter. It can be difficult to leave your new baby, especially with someone new. But try starting out small. Go out to brunch for an hour with a girlfriend, a matinee at the movie theater with your partner, or even just grocery shopping by yourself. Eventually you can work up to date nights or longer stretches of time.

5. Build Your Village. Make other new mom friends. You can meet them at storytimes at your local library, “mommy and me” classes, online listservs like meetup.com and even in our very own Solly Baby Village Facebook group. You’ll feel more confident knowing you aren’t alone in your new mom concerns and can learn from each other. Plus, wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to talk about the latest episode of “This Is Us” with?

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March 19th 2019

Thank you for these tips!! I haven’t been feeling myself these past two weeks after the delivery of our baby girl and today I considered booking a facial and felt selfish for taking an hour of taking care of my baby
But after watching this video and reading these tips I feel better now so you will find me at the spa tomorrow getting my facial I had booked prior to reading this❤️