As a mom, you have enough on your plate. Between keeping track of doctor’s appointments, feeding schedules and making sure the diaper bag is packed and ready to go at a moment’s notice, you’ll try just about anything to make life a little simpler. We get it! With that in mind, we’ve done some research and found seven reliable and effective “hacks” to lighten your load and give you back the time to do what you do best – be a great mom.

1. Joonie – You’ve got places to go and you can’t let a little wind or rain get in the way of taking your baby outside. The Joonie car-seat cover has a mesh window to allow for breathability and visibility, folds into an exterior pocket for convenient storage, and is made from durable water repellent fabric to protect your baby from the elements and germs outside.

2. The Quick Zip – Fitted sheets aren’t exactly known for being simple, but with the Quick Zip, changing your baby’s sheets has never been easier. The zipper prevents the sheet from ever coming off which allows for extra safety for your baby and piece of mind for you.

3. BrightWheel – You may have seen this app appear on SharkTank and it’s quickly gaining huge popularity! No more wondering what your baby did at daycare today or remembering to what week you are the snack parent. BrightWheel’s interface allows you to have an all-in-one comprehensive solution to your child’s daycare. You can sign in/out, see photos and live video, pay your bill, communicate with admin and other parents all in one single place.

4. Owlet – There’s nothing more nerve wracking than those first few days coming home with your new baby. You should be “sleeping when the baby sleeps” but instead you’re hovering over them checking their breathing. This is where Owlet comes in. The Owlet is a sock sleeve for your new baby that monitors your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels and sends the data straight to your phone. So now you can rest easy knowing baby is happy and healthy.

5. Lark Adventurewear – A way to keep your baby cool and dry with Lark Adventurewear. Lark is the first infant activewear clothing line with proprietary natural wicking fabric without all of the bad chemicals. With easy access snaps and bottom-to-top zippers, they promise to keep your baby looking stylish and feeling comfortable.

6. Lulla-Vibe – During those first few months, even 5 extra minutes of sleep is the difference between needing an extra cup of coffee and the “there isn’t enough coffee in the world to help” phase of sleep deprivation. The Lulla-Vibe hopes to give you those 5 extra minutes back with their portable vibrating mattress pad to help lull your half awake baby back to sleep. It even features a gradual shut off so baby and you stay asleep.

7. Project Nursery Smartband – Some of you may have a FitBit or other fitness tracking bracelet to keep up with your daily goals and habits, but what if there was an option made specifically for us mamas? Enter Project Nursery. The Project Nursery Smartband still has great features for you like step and calorie tracking, exercise and sleep, while adding bonus features for moms like pumping reminders, tracking capabilities for diaper changes, feedings and nap times.

Any other mom hacks on your list we should know about? Leave them in the comments below!

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April 5th 2017

Norwex microfiber cloths! Clean your body and your home with just water. A game changer with cleaning! The smartest, greenest, simplest cleaning solution. I’m happy to give or info to anyone who is curious about it. 🙂

December 12th 2018

I liked having a second bassinet in the living room so there was always somewhere to lie bub down quickly and easily and meant I could keep an eye of him much easier.

December 6th 2019

I use the bright wheel app and I LOVE it!! Great addition to your list.