5 ways to help new moms:

February 15, 2016



Having been the recipient of help from friends and family after 3 babies, and the giver many times throughout my mamahood, I’m always creating a mental checklist of ways to REALLY help moms with newborns.

My top 5:

+ Food! When we need it most, but our energy or attention needs to be on other little people and things. A meal, fresh or frozen, healthy but yummy snacks (Trader Joe’s makes it easy), her favorite treat, or some fresh bread or fruit goes a long way.

+ Quick, thoughtful visits! Just showing up can mean the world–check in on her, ask her how she’s feeling, offer to hold the baby while she’s takes a shower; don’t talk about yourself and don’t stay long!

+ A simple, meaningful gift. A candle, fresh flowers, or something useful like some new soap, cozy socks, or a Wrap really help and say “I care” during a big life change. Even better, show her how to use her wrap if she already has one and wants to learn (because this is not the time for unsolicited advice ;).

+ Remember brother/sister. Something for any older children in the house to do, like a craft kit, play-dough, stickers, or Dolly wrap (just like mama) can be a lifesaver when days adjusting at home feel stretched.

+ Be encouraging! Tell her she’s doing such a good job, that she looks beautiful, that her baby is perfect and that you are there to help! That’s all we really want to hear, right?


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February 18th 2016

I loved this post and how simple but really meaningful it can be. I just had my first son and having some help from friends and family is so important and really life changing when you are busy caring for your little child.

February 18th 2016

Thank you for this post Elle! I can pretty much relate to all of them. As a mom of three boys (8, 5 and 15 mts.) I felt really blessed and loved by our family and friends during the transitions from one child to two then to three! Haha! Sometimes, no matter how independent and how we want to tackle everything ourselves, it’s ok to accept help. Having that support system not only made me have a sense of peace but helped me be in a relaxed state during my breastfeeding sessions. When I’m happy, my babies were happy!

Have a great day!


February 18th 2016

I love this! Espeically the food and quick visits. My husband and I were so tired, especially me with the breastfeeding, that cooking was non existent. Even leaving the house for food was daunting. Quick was the keyword for visits. My nether region felt like it went through fire and my breast were leaking. So I didn’t want to see anyone. Oh and thoughtful gifts were nice too. Lol.

March 15th 2016

nice post ,it really life changing when you are busy caring for your little child.

5. jo
January 15th 2019

beautiful and simple! love the tips 🙂 so many of my friends are having babies this year!