Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. While it has become exponentially more fun since I had kids, I remember feeling a little overwhelmed with the first Halloween we celebrated as a family. I felt so much pressure to put together the perfect costumes, but couldn’t afford to purchase anything fancy and I knew that I didn’t have the time or energy to embark on any intense DIY’s as a first time mama.

I imagine some of you are feeling the same this year so I’m here to tell you you don’t have to go overboard to have a costume that’s cute, memorable and guaranteed to make you smile when looking back on the photos. Each of these can be put together with pieces from your or a friend’s closet and a few spare props or a simple DIY. So if you’re looking for some new ideas – read on below!




Bank Robber and Money Bag

Pair your Solly Baby in Black with a black and white striped tee or sweater and top with a black beanie and gloves to make this costume easy as can be! Cut out a dollar sign out of any white fabric you’ve got (we used felt) and adhere it to your wrap with double sided fashion tape. Take it a step further by stealing a handful of Monopoly money from your kid’s board game (pun intended).




Nurse and Old Lady

Borrow scrubs from a friend or relative (you can also find them on Amazon) and wrap your Solly Baby in Heather Grey right over the top for this one. To make your baby’s old lady wig, simply hot glue a handful of white poms to a white beanie. Pair with other fun “old lady” accessories – like glasses, pearls and Mary Jane socks or shoes.




Gardener and Veggie

Throw on your favorite Saturday morning farmers market threads and our Fig wrap. Don’t forget a sun hat, gardening gloves, a bandana and a net bag filled with your crop of veggies as your props. And for baby, Oeuf sells the perfect eggplant hat for this costume or you can find lots of DIYs for something similar.




Mama Fox and Baby Fox

Mamas, grab your favorite black top and pair it with a tan pair of pants and our Camel wrap. For your fox ears you can follow this super simple DIY or pick up a ready made pair from any Halloween store or on Amazon. If you’re going to purchase something for your little one I always like to buy items I know they will wear again, and this fox top from Oeuf and these sweatpants from Arq were perfect for a little fox. We love this cute fox bonnet too.




Teacher and Notepad

Put on your favorite comfy jeans, a white tee, a cardigan, your reading glasses and your Solly Baby wrap in Gallery. Dress your baby in a simple white onesie and tights and for your props grab a ruler, pens and any other school supplies you have lying around. We also purchased 2” sticky felt letters from Amazon to place on the wrap and wrapped tinfoil around a mop handle to make a notebook spiral.




Apple Picking

Pair our Rouge wrap with a golden hued skirt, plaid flannel top, cardigan and straw hat. I had this vintage basket at home, but any basket will do – just fill it with apples and you’re set. For your little one a onesie works great and we put together an easy DIY for the stem:
+ Cut a green piece of felt into 2” x 4”
+ Starting with the short side roll end to end until the felt is in a stem shape
+ With another square piece of felt cut out a leaf shape and attach to your stem (we sewed this one, but you can definitely hot glue or use double sided fabric tape)
+ Use double sided fabric tape to adhere to your wrap on top of your baby’s head




Autumn Flowers

Mamas, grab your go to jeans (if you’re not in them already), a black tee and your Rifle Collaboration Solly Baby wrap. Dress your little one in your favorite floral or pastel hues. Gather three or four of your favorite fall flowers, making sure you’ve got some greenery in there too, and get your craft on by building two simple flower crowns – one for you and one for baby. We followed this DIY.





Pair your go-to all black look with our Goldenrod wrap and dress you little one in similar colored pieces, like this sweatshirt and sweatpants from Arq. To create the jack-o-lantern look we cut out black felt into the face you see here and adhered to the wrap with double sided fashion tape. For the the stem we followed the same simple DIY as for our Apple Picking costume, but instead of a leaf base we cut this into a pumpkin topper shape.




Ratatouille Chef and Mouse

Dress yourself in white from head to toe and baby in all white or grey. Top off each look with a chef’s hat (for you) and mouse ears (for them), which you can pick up at any Halloween store or on Amazon. If you’d like to DIY this one we made these ears by following this DIY here. Pair with your Solly Baby wrap in Petal and grab a few of your most lightweight kitchen utensils as props.




Man in the Yellow Hat and Curious George

Mamas, the only items you need for this one are a yellow top, a yellow hat and your Solly Baby wrap in Camel. For baby, dress in anything brown you’ve got (onesies, pants, socks) and hit the Halloween store or Amazon for a cute monkey ear hat option. You can also easily DIY a set of monkey ears a bit of brown felt and some double sided fashion tape.


And just a friendly reminder – It’s important that when you’re adhering something on the wrap you do not use safety pins or anything else that will poke holes in the wrap. Items that stick are not only safer for your baby, but they will keep your wrap in tip top shape.

If you’re planning on wearing your baby as part of your Halloween costume this year I’d love to see it! Tag #sollyween on Instagram or Facebook so we don’t miss it.

Photography: Jenn Sturtevant at Classic Kids Newport Beach; Makeup: Crystal Wei at Lepique Beauty

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October 12th 2016

These are all amazing! I love how the different color wraps play into each costume.

November 15th 2016

Thanks so much!

October 15th 2016

These are such cute ideas!! I wish I saw them before buying the costume this year. :/

November 15th 2016

There’s always next year! 🙂

October 18th 2016

What about a kangaroo. After all, aren’t we wearing a pouch anyway?

November 15th 2016

Haha. So true – great idea mama!

October 21st 2016

These are such cute ideas!!

November 15th 2016

Thank you!

October 25th 2016

I wish I were this creative! My wrap is the Pacific color, I’m trying to think of something to do with it that’s this cute! It’s not quite a veggie/fruit color. Maybe I’ll be a bank robber just with a greenish-blue bag of cash…